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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 3:02am-3:31am CET

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yes. in the british parliament today they spent hours telling her it will never work inside her government one by one they resigned and walked away prime minister theresa may and her bright said mab to leave the u.k. out of the european union she says her plan is the only plan but how much longer tonight the future of the prime minister as uncertain as that itself i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. but i believe with every fiber of my p.c. that the cool science says which is the right one for our country and all people this is a red shift this is a failure of government policy this is a brics it but did of us on the priority of the british people it needs to be
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rejected yes stiff and sometimes uncomfortable decisions that have to be made i understand fully that there are some who are unhappy with those compromises and if they don't publicly concede to regimes which are pretty good pretty damaging to the country but devastating the public trust and. that one simple fact remains and that is that nobody that's produced any alternative proposal to have a story is of talent within the conservative quality who would be very capable of support of leading a proper gregg's and i'm i going to see this through yes. also coming up tonight the refugees who fled me and mar and persecution at the hands of the country's military bangladesh wants them to go home voluntarily. they have tortured us so much there are no words to explain it we went through so much pain and if we go back again to face the same why should we go it's better to
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die here by taking poison. there will have to stay in camps we're already in camps here i feel that i will die here so don't try to sunder stare. or we begin the day with british prime minister teresa mayes she's staying put and staying with her breaks a plan at least for now tonight mrs may valid to defend her plan to withdraw the u.k. from the european union she again described it as the best possible deal for the country and she again ruled out a second breaks at referendum but tonight the prime minister's power like her brakes and plan are being called into question today while lawmakers in parliament ripped apart her breaks a plan members of her government one by one walked away leadership is about taking the right decisions not the easy ones as prime minister my job is to bring back a deal that delivers on the votes of the bush people that does that by ending free
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movement all the things i raised in my statement ending free movement ensuring we're not sending vast on you sums to the e.u. any any longer ending the jurisdiction of the european court of justice but also protects jobs and protect people's livelihoods protects our security protects the union of the united kingdom and i believe that this is a deal which does deliver that which is in the national interest and i'm i going to see this through yes. she says she's going to see it through and talk about that i'm joined now by. kareem he is a member of prime minister to resign may's conservative party and he represents northwest england and the european parliament he joins us tonight from his constituency in burnley mr covering but it's good to have you back on the day i want to take a look at one of your tweets from today you wrote and it seems the entire
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conservatives breaks that movement are resigning in mass and in a coordinated manner abandoning their breaks it as it breathes it's the last maybe we can now get back to being a centrist party governing in the national interest do you tonight have any hope of of that happening. well good evening brant it's good to be back home to your program and have this opportunity to send a very clear message to your viewers about where we actually are at this moment enjoying the tweets that you referred to makes it absolutely clear that the only people today that have resigned from government in the united kingdom what people who were committed to break that is but not just committed briggs it is they are committed to a certain type of brakes it which is by and large people who are committed to a no deal exit from the european union now that is not something which
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delivers the referendum result that the people of the united kingdom voted for in the referendum and by removing themselves from government that now give us the opportunity to carry out a centrist and center right reform program for the united kingdom i mean deed it leaves a prime minister now free of the shackles that these people have placed around to try and get deals through the house of commons i don't say that lightly i know that he's a tremendous challenge that she sees ahead of him and as i do the arithmetic the numbers don't currently stack up and you know you strike me as being an optimist as well the main bridge city here still in government tonight at least for now is the prime minister herself and we know that she was not
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a die hard leave before she became prime minister can she deliver the brags that she's promising the breakthrough that you and other conservatives would like to see . well actually to reason may come paint for remain she voted remain but she accepts the result that was delivered and has said that she will do her very best to reach the best possible deal in the circumstances now bearing in mind if you are leaving the european union it is an unrealistic expectation that she will have greater rights or the very same relationship rights as what you have whilst you are a member of the europe. the unfortunate thing is those who are making unrealistic demands today actually really expect to have a much better deal than what they had as members now that is an unrealistic
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expectation that cannot be delivered when one examines what trees m a has actually negotiated well in the circumstances i cannot think of what more could have been done by all the european union to deliver a situation that provides the best protections for european citizens and the best basis upon which our economy both in the united kingdom and in the european union member states can carry on in the least friction affected way possible so this is about as good as it gets and if that's not good enough for these people then they really have to be finally now this is their last opportunity to meet one east with the people of the united and say to them that actually our ideology dictates that we must destroy parts of your lives and parts of the economy in order to achieve our ideology let me get you to take
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a listen to jacob riis marc said earlier today in this thread about no coming out against to research. take a listen to the conservative party referendum on which almost all conservative m.p. stood said specifically that we would leave the customs union it did not have any small print saying oh unless we decide to have a backstop that is a permanent customs union that is harder to leave the living the european union and all school fifty now he's not alone in his opinion and when i hear him and when i hear you speaking it sounds like the maybe the conservative party itself is headed for a split and perhaps teresa mayes days as prime minister are numbered what do you say to those two prospects. well over and out i'm not somebody that in any way tries to mask the political reality is that in staring everybody in the face
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there is today a fundamental split in the conservative party that has actually been a real. challenge facing those of us that want to be a centrist right political movement and there has been a real battle taking place for the heart and soul of the conservative party and what you are seeing today is actually that now being fought out at the very last stages through this break that process and what jacob riis mog has actually set out that. puts in place a very clear contrast between the battle that is taking place between the two different viewpoints one based on ideology one based upon pragmatism but what he argues for and what the people of the united kingdom are now aware of is that actually he is putting the unity of the united kingdom at risk when he puts forward
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is arguments not jewelry in the e.u. referendum campaign when we made these very same arguments they dismissed it as project fear now today they have been absolutely unclothed in front of the british people people like j.p. jacob riis smoke now out of nowhere left side and simply dismissed his concerns is not now going to work because these have become practical reality is that must be face. let me get you to listen to what the european council president don't want us what he said today. they will speak for final deal with the united kingdom in november. we also prepared for loads of senators. but of course. i mean is there any realistic chance of that if i mean is there a scenario where britain does not leave the european union. well that
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they're all basically three things that can happen on a technical basis and two on a practical basis one is that there is a break that without a deal one is that there is a break that with a deal and then there is the third option which is that there is no brakes it at all and now i do not believe for a second that they can be contemplated breaks it without a deal the disruptions and the consequences are just far too severe for any british prime minister to countenance and certainly our closest trading partners in the european union will do everything to avoid that as well so i really do not see the circumstance of rising whereas a practical reality the theoretical basis of delivery breaks it on a no deal basis comes to fruition i don't see that that leaves two options one is
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exiting with a deal now that requires for the house of commons to vote and unanimously approved the acceptance of the deal that prime minister may as brought back now currently the arithmetic is far too challenging and it doesn't get through that's quite clear whether that can change over time we will have to see what the next few weeks brings and the very last and final issue is one of no gregs it at all now there are several avenues that lead to no break situ all but of course when that having been a huge public exercise through the referendum they would need to be a further democratic exercise carried out that delivers a result which allows for a reversal of the article fifty notification and the cancellation of breaks it and i could take one of two forms either a general election or my preferred choice. it's actually
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a people's vote mr kerry but we're a version of we're running out of time at me i'd love to talk with you longer but we unfortunately we're running out of time and i guess we'll have to see what happens in the next couple of days and maybe we can come back to you to you know to see if your predictions do come true. karim from prime minister to recent days conservative party joining us tonight to talk about the predicament that the prime minister is in tonight mr karim thank you. well hundreds of central american migrants have arrived at the u.s. mexican border town of tio wanna they are among the first migrant caravans to arrive at the border they've traveled a thousand kilometers and they say they want to escape poverty and violence in their home countries they now hope to gain entry into the united states but the u.s. government has sent thousands of troops to the border to stop them defense secretary
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jim matt has visited troops in texas on the us mexico border u.s. president has threatened to close that border and has labeled the migrants invaders some mexicans living along the border with the u.s. they are showing solidarity with the migrants some but not all some bread a warm meal or even socks migrants are getting help from individuals and institutions like in this makeshift shelter in mexico city to be on it as one of those who turned out today she drove a van over loaded with clothes for women and children. that he went on it's gratifying that a lot of people are helping it brings out the humanity in us and he pleases me to see the difference we're making. we're all very proud to be mexican. mexico has seen migrants heading north travel through the country for decades this
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is a chance for it to express solidarity with them. that is we have to deal with this acutely painful situation to reach out to people passing through it who are we need . a colombian whom durance think that we reject them we have to support each other because we are all human beings and we feel for them. but the migrants have not been welcomed by everyone some mexicans have begun lashing out at them that they have no problems because they don't work if i come here to contribute and that welcome he seems not to having a day at the beach didn't throw away the food we give them but they keep their big . numbers but many of them are drunk you're in a thing in public everywhere mexico cannot cope with receiving them in the hope
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that from now on officials check their papers and give them what they deserve and give us what we deserve their human rights are apparently worth more than ours and . some of the migrants have experienced these attitudes during their journey but even so most say mexico has offered them good care. was just now one person in soto's we don't like thoughts but i guess we have to accept it we always wait in that country. makes a ko has received us very well with very proud because it is given us all the support we have not liked or closing. mexico a country divided like so many others by migration. welcome or no i'm joined by laura porus she is with the think tank interim merican dialogue since two
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thousand and eleven she has been a consultant on migration remittances and development for various international organizations lourdes good to have you on the program as we saw the caribbean it has its arrived at the border released the first europeans of arrived at the border what happens next well like you were saying you know it's just part of the group that has arrived and probably more and more will be coming from the cabin i think and some people have said it in a very nice way for me which is it's a very visible. group of people but this is of migration that happens constantly there of mexico and to the u.s. border right these people actually in some cases you can even hear them say they cavaney safer than the way they usually cross mexico which is with smugglers or exposing themselves to very big dangers. there's going to be bigger groups and most
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of them we expect are actually going to go through the security points and try to either. ask for asylum or other kind of protection do you think that's going to happen i mean is there is there a way now with this robot ministrations stance being the way it is is there a way that these people can legally apply for asylum in the united states. well even the last change that the administration did to the asylum cases what it says is precisely that you cannot enter the country illegally you cannot cross the border illegally and ask for asylum and if you but if you do it legally which i believe was the plan most of people in the caravan from the beginning because it's not it's too obvious to close a group such a big group of people is actually going to the points of entry and ask for asylum that means you're not crossing the border without. permission or through a legal post and that means that your request for asylum your grounds for
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presidency i will not be affected by the u.s. president you know as well as i do. the we've got a little delay there in our signal but let me ask you about what the u.s. president did up until the midterms or he talked a lot about the migrant europeans even describing them as invaders and saying that they were harboring members of isis but we've heard very little about the caravans since the election does that surprise you how do you explain that. not at all and even from the beginning that was a lot of what people were saying right this is being an excuse towards the election to make a big fall out of it and trying to influence the vote during the midterms and probably some of that actually happened which means that after the elections are gone there's no more need to push further the point and i think that was not a surprise for any of us that follow the topic because most of us were actually
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expecting that this was just. a strategy that was very directive to the elections and that is something that you see over all the administration's policies you see a lot of focus on immigration winning ration is actually. decreasing or at least not increase in the sizes that it was two or three years ago so the focus on a problem that is actually smaller now and has a lot more focus on the polish level tells you that it does not respond necessarily to the reality but actually to policy interests it's interesting too because the the president can say one thing but it's really the media to amplify what he says think about what we're talking about tonight you're not going to find many news programs that are talking about the cure began this thursday and that tells you that the media's criticism critics could say the media have been part and parcel of the u.s.
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president's attempts to demonize these margarets do you agree. and even some of the media are actually campaigning with the president right and i think exactly it's wonderful that you hold in this conversation and know the media that is still looking at the cabin from the humanitarian perspective i think that is the approach of the should have had from the start and not be played as a political card it is definite i saw this a statistic of how caravan was a word and one of the outlets like sixty times per day or something and then just on the seventh it became one or twice the whole twenty four hour news and that that is actually a confirmation of what most a lot of analysts were saying before which is this is being played as a political card not an actual issue and even before that. let me ask you before we run out of so i mean how important is the the money the remittances the money that these migrants who earn in the u.s.
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and why are back home how important is that. it is very important for certain countries in the region for example for haiti which is the biggest. remittance recipient as a percentage of the g.d.p. because that's the other thing that is important for example for haiti thirty three the equivalent of thirty percent of the g.d.p. is what they receive in remittances that is huge in countries in central america varies from ten to fifteen twenty. for example in a country like mexico which receives the biggest amount of remittances it doesn't make coffee even it's less than the three percent of the g.d.p. of mexico so a lot of it has to do and what what's the role it plays in the economy laura who is really think tank inter-american dialogue we appreciate your time tonight or thank you. thank you. well bangladesh had a chaotic start to its controversial repatriation program for refugees today one
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hundred fifty were injured were meant to cross back to me in march today not one of them turned up instead they were there were angry protests at the border hundreds of thousands of muslims are currently living in sprawling camps around the bangladeshi city cox's bizarre and despite repeated warnings that conditions are still not safe bangladesh says it's time for the regime to go home now the un high commissioner for human rights michele says that no one should go anywhere at the moment in a statement she writes returning revenger if you g.'s to me and more at this point effectively means throwing them back into the cycle of human rights violations that this community has been suffering for decades or hinges and now fear that they'll be sent back against their will most of the twenty two hundred people on a bagel a dish repatriation list have reportedly gone into hiding.
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the sheer scale of the refugee crisis in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of residents in muslims are living in squalid camps like this they fled to me and ma because of army led violence following a military crackdown but with agreement from me and mom today bangladesh begins the enormous task of trying to repatch reate them it's a move that's proving deeply unpopular. with the entire community leader told me that my number has been listed and i have to return to me on more my son and daughter were killed there i cannot pray there no one talks about our rights there we were sent away after being labelled bengali we will not go back there i don't know this family have fled the bangladeshi camp they call their home and are in hiding so fearful are they of returning to me and mom well more with they have tortured us so much there are no words to explain it we went through so much pain
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and if we go back again to face the same why should we go it's better to die here by taking poison. there will have to stay in camps were already in camps here i feel that i will die here so don't try to sunder stair age organizations in the un refugee agency at mit there are still concerns for the safety of those who do return but never the less the work to repatch one hundred fifty row hinge or a day is under way of this we're still talking to the we're hinge of refugees our people on the ground are working to encourage them to go back are associated organizations are also working on the matter life in camps like this is far from easy but for many revenger staying here is far better than being forced to return back home. well the governor say she continues online let us hear from you and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see
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